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In Massachusetts For Over 30 Years

Signs or situations that are likely to lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | divorce |

It is important for married couples to understand the signs and situations that often lead to divorce. This awareness could help people take actions to stop destructive behaviors.

The causes of divorce range from common ones such as infidelity to a few surprising reasons.

Warning signs

Woman’s Day identifies the three most common reasons for divorce as infidelity, domestic violence and substance abuse. Marriages, however, end for many reasons, and it is important for spouses to remain vigilant if any of these situations appear in a marriage:

  • Changes in affection levels, especially early on in the marriage
  • Mismatched expectations about how much time couples will spend together
  • Failure to communicate in a meaningful way
  • Financial problems that result in frequent arguments
  • Problems with trust as a result of emotional cheating

A married spouse could also discover that he or she has little in common with a partner. This warning sign could take on many forms. One example is when one partner loves to spend time working out, while the other partner dislikes exercise.

Red flags

Today stresses the importance of recognizing red flags in a marriage as a way to get the marriage back on track. Many of these situations lead to insupportable levels of unhappiness for one or both spouses. Individuals should heed any of these powerful indicators:

  • Friends and family encourage counseling
  • A spouse who avoids his or her partner
  • A sense of doom that pervades the marriage
  • A lack of intimacy that seems to prevail

Ignoring red flags and warning signs often makes things worse. An awareness of marital problems allows partners to work on improving the situation.