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In Massachusetts For Over 30 Years


In Massachusetts For Over 30 Years

Is my partner being unfaithful?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Firm News |

Infidelity is a leading cause of marriage breakdowns. When a spouse suspects the other of being unfaithful, getting to the bottom of the issue of the utmost importance. While there are not always definitive answers, Very Well Mind explains some of the common signs of marital infidelity.

It is important for spouses to share things with each other. Keeping secrets usually indicates problems with trust, especially when it is a sudden occurrence. Your partner may attempt to conceal certain facets of his or her life, either by lying or avoidance. Your partner may also be reluctant to spend time with you out of fear that the infidelity will be disclosed. Lies can also revolve around financial matters, as your partner will want to hide evidence of dates or gifts.

Changes in habits is another significant red flag. When communication ceases where it was healthy before, it is usually a clear indication that something is wrong. Changes in grooming or dressing are also quite common when a spouse is carrying on an affair. While this can be looked at as a positive in some marriages, be wary when your partner dresses up for events away from home, such as work obligations. Your spouse may also talk of a new hobby that requires at least a few hours of their time a day.

A healthy sex life is key to a happy marriage. When an affair is ongoing, your sex life may stop altogether, or your spouse’s sexual habits and proclivities may change drastically. Emotional intimacy may also fall away. Your partner might be reluctant to exchange affection, as their focus is now on another party. Hostility can also increase, which is an attempt to place blame for the affair on the other spouse. Understanding where these changes are coming from or if there is infidelity in the relationship may help you decide the next steps to take.