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Alternative dispute resolution in divorce

If you and your spouse are thinking about splitting up but wonder if there is an alternative to divorce litigation, you are not alone. At the Law Offices of Sheara F. Friend, we have noticed a trend of Massachusetts couples seeking to end their marriages through alternative forms of dispute resolution. Usually, this means either a collaborative divorce or mediation. 

Consider your retirement as you divorce

For years you have worked hard at your job. You’ve built a career that you are proud of. The paycheck you bring home is what you depend on to get through each day. That money pays your bills and buys your groceries. Just as you count on it today, you know you will count on your retirement funds in the future.

What can I do to protect my business during a divorce?

Concord business owners stand to lose a lot when faced with divorce. You may even lose ownership stake in your business, which can have a devastating effect on you as well as the future of your business. Accordingly, knowing how to properly safeguard marriage is a must, as illustrated by Inc.

Is mediation better than litigation?

If you and your spouse contemplate a Massachusetts divorce, likely neither of you likes the idea of a long, drawn out and bitter court battle. Not only can such a traditional litigated divorce cause both of you a good deal of stress and possible financial strain, it likewise is very hard on your children. You may well wish to look into obtaining a mediated divorce instead.

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