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In Massachusetts For Over 30 Years


In Massachusetts For Over 30 Years

Your estate plan and your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | divorce |

If you are getting a divorce in Massachusetts, you may often feel like there is no end to the number of decisions you have to make or the things you have to change due to this decision. A divorce can and does impact every aspect of your life and that includes those things that you do not always think about on a daily basis. Your estate plan is one of these things.

As recommended by Forbes, it is important for you to have your estate plan on the radar as soon as you and your spouse separate. There may well be some things you cannot change in any way until your divorce decree is completely approved since you will not know your full asset or debt portfolio until that time. However, there are actions you should take straight away.

Some important decisions that you should make involve a power of attorney and a health care advance directive. You will want to make sure that the people who would make medical or financial decisions on your behalf if you were not able to are the people who you really want to make those decisions. Very few people would want a former spouse to have control of their finances or their health care matters in the middle of some type of emergency.

If you would like to learn more about the matters that you should address to protect yourself when separated or divorcing, please feel free to visit the estate planning during a divorce page of our Massachusetts divorce and family law website.