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When you and your ex-spouse first created a child support order together, your employment with a Massachusetts company made it easy for you to keep up with payments. As the months or years went by, that changed. Now, you sometimes struggle to provide for your kids and yourself.  

Before you consider skipping a payment here or there, see what The New York Times has to say about skipping child support payments. Learn from the mistakes of others, rather than stumble your way to valuable knowledge.  

Avoid wage garnishment  

When parents fail to keep up with child support payments, it is not uncommon for authorities to garnish their wages. This can throw a shaky financial situation into a further tailspin. Additionally, you may find bank deposits seized or your driving privileges suspended.  

Stay out of the prison cycle  

Sometimes, parents go to jail for failing to pay child support. When released, they usually have a few months to catch up on payments, otherwise, they go right back to jail. This also further deteriorates a precarious financial situation.  

Consider parenting programs  

To dissuade the court (and the other parent) of the notion of willful negligence on your part, look into parenting programs designs for people behind on child support. Not only could participation give you a financial break, but possibly provide you with valuable knowledge, as well.  

Check the details 

In some cases, a clerical error is a reason a parent faces incarceration due to falling behind on child support payments. Be sure you double-check the name, address and all other information on payments you make.  

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.